Having my own massage practice allows me to spend the quality time with my clients they deserve, in a safe clean environment. I am fully vaccinated but please be reassured I am still taking precautions and closely following all CDC and New York State guidelines in the fight against Covid-19 to keep my clients and myself safe and healthy!

About Sarah

Sarah is a dual Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician she graduated from the Swedish Institute College of Health and Sciences in 2009 and Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics in 2010 both in New York City. 

Sarah still considers herself a "Kiwi" (a common self-reference used by New Zealanders referring to their national bird, not the fuzzy fruit) even after 20 years of living in NYC.  She loves the outdoors and enjoys riding her bicycle as it gets her outside as much as possible. Having had injuries and imbalances in her own body and learning ways to recover through strengthening and massage she believes the body can repair its self when we give it what it needs. Massage is preventative care and lifestyle medicine which we all need a little of these days.

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What Clients Say About Sarah

I have been working with Sarah as a private client for seven years. She is attentive, warm, respectful, and immensely skilled. With her uncommon combination of training, talent, and a singularly grounding presence, she has transformed not only my physical being but my quality of life – what a gift.
~ Maria Anderson, Brooklyn

Sarah hit all the spots and really listened to what I asked and what my body needed. I thought it was clean and safe. I will go back.

- Alexandra G

Sarah is a gem, a true find! She is lovely as a person and the best at her profession. Sarah is so aware of your body and what is needed with each visit. My appointments with Sarah are gifts to myself and I am certain have served to keep me and remain healthy through this pandemic. There are no words to adequately express Sarah's level of skill and professionalism. I can't imagine a month without Sarah.

- Angela C

Services & Prices

Every massage is a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and often Sports massage which is tailored to the clients individual needs and goals which we discuss before your treatment and please always feel free to give feed back when you're on the table as to pressure sensitivities and preferences.

I believe massage should be both slow and vigorous depending on the type of muscle the area and the person. Vigorous massage increases circulation bringing blood oxygen and food to the muscles while deep slow massage helps release deeper connective tissue trigger points and calms the nervous system, I use all these techniques in every massage. 

60 minute sessions $130
75 minute sessions $150
90 minute sessions $180

2 hour sessions $250

Prices are a flat rate, gratuity is appreciated but not expected. 

 Home visits require an additional $50 for time and a travel fee depending on location

24-HOUR cancellation policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please do so 24 hours before the scheduled session or you will be charged a late fee of 50% of your original appointment fee.

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